Indigenous humans acting as planetary guardians

In the Akan book I pointed out the role of Lumukanda in Credo Mutwa’s stories. Lumukanda acts as a guardian human, and his escapades in the inner Earth, in African crystal caves and among the Bantu peoples attest to this claim. Some African groups perform this function of guardian human. I also mentioned in the Akan book that other (non-African) indigenous human groups also work as guardian humans. In the book Mutant Message Down Under, the Australian Aboriginal people who are the subject of that story act very much like the Ancient Earth humans. It comes as no surprise, as the Australian Aboriginal group as a whole are direct descendants of the original, multidimensional (angelic) human on Earth. In the book, their most sacred place is a crystal cave.

A while back, while reading Embracing the Rainbow (Handbook for a New Paradigm part II), I came across a section that talked about Native American prophecies concerning the rainbow man. This is in section 23 of Embracing the Rainbow. It is said that after the chaos (of this current era), the humans that survive will live in the age of the rainbow man.

So I went on to do some online searching and low and behold: the rainbow lore associated with the Native American people is connected with their role as guardian humans! They ALSO have their crystal caves, and perform functions as guardian humans.

Who are these “Guardians” that I often talk about? They are the emissaries of the Supreme Creator Forces. They are the ones who created the Ancient race of humans on Earth and entrusted them with planetary guardianship. They are like the referees of the galaxy. They monitor sentient races on all star systems that have life in the countless galaxies, not interfering but rather supporting the development of all evolving life in galaxies, on behalf of Supreme Creator Forces. The Handbook for a New Paradigm also hints at the existence of these beings.

What about the crystal caves? These are ‘switch points’ in the planetary grid system where the universal energies that flow through the planet can be interfaced with by humans acting as guardians of the planet. These have often been the most sacred places of the guardian humans of each Earth human group. Some of these crystal caves also have/had entrances into the inner Earth region.

If after the chaos we will be ushered into the era of the rainbow man as the rainbow prophesies seem to suggest, that could mean that perhaps after this chaotic period the emissaries of the Supreme Creator Forces will once again walk freely among men. To me, that is a cool thought.

In his book Indaba my Children, Credo Mutwa talks about the Wise ones of the Bakongo (the BaTonga people) and the Holy ones of the Kariba (the Tonga-ila people), two highest ranking guardian human groups of the very many guardian human groups in Africa (not all African guardian human groups administer crystal caves). These two groups were in charge of administering the crystal caves in the Kariba gorge. In pre-modern times, their people could walk into a heated battle between tribes that hated each other, upon which all hostilities immediately ceased. Also, it was at the Kariba gorge that various African tribal groups would gather.

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