Planetary healing and maintenance ceremonies performed by various indigenous groups

In section 7.6 of the Akan book, I discuss how the Dagara people of West Africa perform secret ceremonies to maintain the planet and solar system. As wild as the idea behind these ceremonies may seem, they are not common only to the Dagara people of West Africa. There are other African groups who perform the function of guardians of the planet and solar system. The Dogon people are among those other Africans who perform special ceremonies and dances to ensure that the energy grid and celestial pathways are in alignment. The video below was brought to my attention by my friend in Germany. It provides an intriguing comparison of Dogon lore and Western Science.

Outside Africa, there are other indigenous groups that also understand the need to perform maintenance ceremonies. The Crow shaman Thomas Yellowtail mentioned in his book Yellowtail: Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief that he believed the Sun Dance ceremony was the Crow way of helping maintain the world and that if the Crow stopped dancing the world would come to an end. He also believed that most if not all other Native American groups have similar practices and their Shaman leaders understand the reason behind these practices.

The Guarani shamans of Paraguay also know that ceremonies are needed to heal the poisoning of the Sun. In Bradford Keeney’s book Shamans of the World one Guarani shaman mentions that the way of life of contemporary humanity poisons the connection between the Earth and the Sun (i.e. blockages introduced into the energetic/etheric system) and that through ceremonies it is possible to heal these poisons.

It is likely that there are other native human groups who perform such ceremonies. It appears that such ceremonies introduce specific codes/energies into the Earth grid system. This is how these human groups perform the function of planetary and solar guardianship.

There are certainly other human groups who do the opposite. Some major countries dump nuclear waste as specific points in the Earth grid network in order to ‘poison the links’ and to control the planet. They also detonate nukes at specific points at specific times for the purposes of control. So there are two different perspectives on the issue.


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