Rest in peace, Baba

Africa’s great shaman, the calabash of ancestral spiritual link, the great elephant of wisdom, after many years of service to humanity, after 98 years of life on this planet (21 July 1921 – 25 March 2020) has passed away today. It is difficult to really capture the greatness of this elder, now become an ancestor. Credo gave much to African people, and to the world. He traveled to tens of countries, worked with many individuals and wrote many books. He was a true seeker-turned-master, not only of the lore of his Zulu people, but also of other Africans and beyond.

I met Credo Mutwa in 2012 after having studied his works for almost a decade. His family invited me to visit them after I got in touch. It was one of the great epic moments for me, in this incarnation, to visit him and his family for some days. I will always cherish this meeting, his hospitality and the hospitality of his family.

Now with our great elder gone, we should strive to remember him, and his works. We thank you for ALL you did for humanity, Baba. You, the eldest child of Ra! The lion shaman! The great Sanusi! It is time to rest. We shall continue where you have left off.

Rest in peace.

KURUMAN, SOUTH AFRICA – NOVEMBER 16: International renowned prophet Credo Mutwa during an interview on November 16, 2013 in Kuruman, South Africa. Ntate Mutwa (92) has announced his retirement; he won’t be making any more public predictions. (Photo by Gallo Images / Daily Sun)

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  1. Farrad B

    Now I don’t know if you kept up with his departing from the earth realm within our timeline as far as date…but now this is being announced he passed recently but im questioning exactly when he crossed over b/c a lot of people including me are stating he passed away almost a decade ago….now this is being spread like this just happened….

    1. Kwame Adapa

      Interesting, Farrad. I believe what you’re describing has also been described as “The Mandela Effect” wherein good number of people do not remember Nelson Mandela being born? Some have attempted to explain the Mandela Effect as experiences in different timelines merging together into one. In one timeline, Mandela was not born. In another, he was. As timelines appear to merge, the same event is remembered differently? I wonder if this is why you and some others may remember Credo Mutwa passing away about a decade ago?

  2. S

    Such a gentle, gracious and kind teacher!

    Happy you had the chance to share time with him–and looking forward to learning from you too!

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