Sirian-Reptilian Shapeshifting in the Conan the Barbarian movie

As a youngster I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s other movie Conan the Destroyer (1984) several times, but remember seeing parts of Conan the Barbarian (1982) only once. This is perhaps because Conan the Barbarian is not as ‘sanitized’ as Conan the Destroyer is, so as a youngster I was not allowed to see all of it. I have now seen the 1982 movie several times as an adult, and have enjoyed it.

The movie Conan the Barbarian released in 1982 is an attempt to tell the story of Conan the Cimmerian. Cimmerians were a Celtic tribe from Atlantis who can now be found in parts of Europe, including what is known today as Crimea. The Conan stories were written by Robert E. Howard. The period during which Conan was meant to have lived was between the fall of Atlantis and the great flood that is known the world over, including in Sumerian and in Biblical records. As indicated in section 7.4 of The Akan book, this was a time when the current Earth human groups were transitioning from one era to another. The Celts covered much of Europe. They were later mixed with Turkic (i.e., Akkadian), Scythian (i.e., Mongoloid) and Phoenician. Today, strong Celtic culture is found in the far Northwestern part of France, the British Isles (strongly in Wales and Scotland, more north more concentration), Ireland, Denmark, and in many other parts of Europe, especially Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia) as well as in Russia and in Ukraine.

The Conan stories written by Howard are a mix of truth and fiction, perhaps written that way to make them popular with readers. For instance the timelines and geographical locations are not always correct. Also, although true names like Atlantis and Lemuria are used, the stories cannot be said to be accurately representing history. But there is also some truth in them.

In the move though, there is a Sirian-Reptilian ‘demi-god’ played by James Earl Jones that shows some real stuff. Jones is mixed African/Native American so he actually does have the look of some of those Sirian-Reptilian demi-gods (especially with the long, flowing hair he had in the movie). Significantly, he had green eyes which are hypnotic and which he used on a number of occasions to control other humans. In the movie Jones’s character is said to be 1000 years old so that’s definitely not a regular human age. The movie also shows worship of serpents and a lot of ritual with orgies. The sexual energies generated from these orgies are absorbed by the Reptilian types. In one particular scene getting to the end of the movie, James Earl Jones’s character is seen shapeshifting during a ritual orgy session. Hollywood tries to trick the viewer here by showing James shapeshift completely into a serpent. While this is possible, what interested me more was what he looked like at the middle point of shapeshifting when he looked exactly like a Reptilian humanoid. Hollywood should have stopped right there. He really did look like a Reptilian snake-man at that point.

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