what this project is about

Back in 2008, the Akan Book Project started as an exercise in going back into history to piece together aspects of Akan tradition, culture and spirituality that  point at ancient origins. The project led me to write a book about connections the Akan and other African people have with ancient Egypt, Sumer and beyond planet Earth to the star systems of Sirius and even the Pleiades, and to the incredible story of the “Gods of Old”, many of whom, I argued, were beings from other planets

My name is Kwame Adapa, and my mission is to bring improvement to the lives of people on Earth. I am doing this by promoting education and spirituality. This blog and the work I do on baridu.com are both aimed at helping raise awareness  and consciousness by promoting education and spirituality 

In this exercise of going back and reclaiming, piecing together and interpreting truth of ancient origins, the project and the work has gone far beyond only the Akan people, to include the cultures, traditions and the spirituality of people of the Earth. I discovered that beginning with the Akan as my basis, I had to tell the story of the Earth and its people. This project is a part of my life’s mission. Part of my mission is to help raise awareness about the true nature of humanity on Earth 

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