My name is Kwame Adapa. I am an educator and spiritualist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, and a PhD in Education. I am highly interested in the cultural, intellectual and spiritual development of the individual. As a world traveler, I have traveled to and interacted with peoples and cultures in close to 40 countries.

I have been an active and avid spiritualist for the past 18 years (as of 2020), integrating spiritual pursuits and practices into my daily life. Among the experiences that have defined my spiritual identity today, I attended the Gateway, Lifeline, Exploration 27 and Starlines programs at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. I then took the Consciousness Development Program and subsequently enrolled in advanced courses (Advanced I and Advanced II) at the International Academy of Consciousness in New York City. These courses led me to work extensively on out of body projection practices, eventually achieving my first conscious out of body projection in 2005 after trying for over 2 years. I tell that experience in my book Out of Body into Life under the section Out at Last!

Having a strong interest in indigenous knowledge and spirituality, I have also sought to learn from native elders around the world. Among these, I have been a guest of the late South African (Zulu) high shaman and sanusi Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, as as well as Native American elder and warrior Robert Morning Sky, both of whom I frequently quote and refer to in my books and writings. I have also personally met and interacted with the late Malidoma Somé, a shaman of the Dagaare people of West Africa, as well as with Naba Iritah Shenmira, head of the Earth Center Dogon initiation school in Africa and in the Diaspora. There are also a few spiritualists and medicine people in Ghana that I have interacted with on occasion.

In the realm of internal alchemy, I have practiced energy exercises such as qigong for 17 years (as of 2020), and internal alchemy/neigong practices for 13 years (as of 2020). For the latter, I studied with the late Buddhist Master Jiang Feng and his students and have also studied on a number of occasions with Daoist master Wang LiPing. As a result of these and other experiences, my daily meditation practices center strongly round aspects of internal alchemy.

I was fortunate to personally interact with several Hindu gurus and Buddhists in India and in Nepal. In Buddhist and Tantric studies, I have received a number of empowerments of highest yoga tantras, including Kalachakratantra empowerments which I received from the Rimé School.

As a human being, I continue to expand my cultural, intellectual and spiritual growth and engagement through my own studies and research, through my writing and through interactions with other individuals who seek to know more about the reality we live in. I love to engage with people of different backgrounds and to learn and share community.

This website, theakan.com, is part of the service I am rendering to humanity. Part of my mission in this life is to study and learn aspects of consciousness and spirituality, and then share what I learn with others. As such, this website, and other works I shall be producing are all efforts aimed at bringing improvement into others’ lives by raising awareness and promoting knowledge and spirituality through education.

Back in 2008, I started the Akan Book Project as an exercise in going back into history to piece together aspects of Akan tradition, culture and spirituality that point at ancient origins. The project led me to write a book about connections the Akan and other African people have with ancient Egypt, Sumer and beyond planet Earth to the star systems of Sirius and even the Pleiades, and to the incredible story of the “Gods of Old”, many of whom, I argued, were beings from other planets.

I continue my research and writing efforts, collecting data and textual sources, often from hard-to-find texts, to bring out the truths of our origins and to stimulate awareness about the greater reality beyond our day-to-day toils and mundane mindsets. Now, many years later, I have integrated both my intellectual and my spiritual experiences on the same website, to share experiences and thoughts and to promote community. These efforts have resulted in the 7 books I share on this website, as well as the blog entries that I shall put forward from time to time. 

I invite you to engage with these resources and to champion your own path – bring it to fruition and live for body and soul. Be all you aim to be and have fun along the way! All the best 😀

My Links – https://linktr.ee/Kwameadapa

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