The Visconti Reptilian embellage

In June 2010, I visited Milan with a friend. It was my first time in Italy and it was summer time so I was doubly curious to see this part of “old Europe”. During a tour of the city, I came across the Visconti emblem (see below) several times, adorning old buildings. On this emblem one sees a reptilian figure with a crown on its head clearly devouring a human. In other words the picture says: reptilian royalty devouring a human.

Unlike the Mayan one showing a “naga” (human-reptilian hybrid), with the Visconti emblem, the Reptilian is devouring the human that appears to be a baby. The Visconti emblem is the same one used on the Alfa Romeo logo. The actual Visconti emblem above shows the reptilian shape much more clearly than does the Alfa Romeo (Sirian-Reptilian bloodline from Roman times).

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