My interview with Uranian Streams

Check out a recent interview I had with my longtime friend Mario, on his YouTube channel Uranian Streams.

Among the topics we cover in this interview are the following:

  • Discipline and effort required for spiritual growth
  • Use of psychedelics by some
  • African astrology
  • Credo Mutwa
  • Crystals and their use
  • Observer consciousness
  • Examples of actual meditation practices
  • Concepts of the Supreme Being
  • An experience I had merging with a celestial entity at a Monroe Institute program,
  • Shamanic initiation
  • Familiar spirits
  • Spiritual meaning of the term ‘balance’
  • Victim-victimizer consciousness
  • ETs
  • Importance of the awakening process
  • My journey as a writer and future works of mine to come

Following this first interview above, Mario and I continued our conversation. For this second part, the interview was posted on Mario’s Sirius Archer YouTube channel. Again, we delved further into spiritual topics that are listed beneath the video below.

The topics covered in this second conversation were:

  • David Icke
  • Val Valerian, his work and his legacy, the Matrix books and in particular Matrix 5
  • Kwame’s and Mario’s early spiritual journeys on their individual paths as individuals who contributed life journeys to Matrix 6, and their meeting through Val Valerian’s platform
  • Seven-year Saturn cycles and how they can influence one’s life
  • Robert Monroe’s work and influence
  • Holographic reality and holographic inserts
  • Endgame, celestial cycles ending and commentaries on endgame from the standpoint of Astrology, Human design, Pluto Interregnum, energetic cycles, scientific and psychic research.

A third and final interview of the series, which is now also posted on Mario’s Sirius Archer YouTube channel, can be found below.

Easily the most extensive interview of the three, in terms of the breath and scope of topics covered. Among the topics discussed are the following:

  • Sources that the author of Matrix 5 used in his book
  • The Native American author Robert Morning Sky’s work
  • A very detailed account of the Terra Papers involving the Reptilian and Sirian empires
  • Enki, Enlil, the creation of Earth humans, and Higher Self incarnations in them
  • The Earth human project involving beings from various star systems and from the higher densities
  • The journey of being human and reclaiming ancestral/genetic/physical and spiritual memories
  • Anton Parks and his works on the Reptilian and Sirian groups
  • A reading by Mario from Robert Morning Sky’s book “Eden, Atlantis & the UFO Myth” detailing the female takeover of the Reptilian empire (known as the Legend of the ‘Night of Tears’)
  • Ancient forces of magic
  • Dramas among different extraterrestrial communities in our galaxy repeated here in the Earth game
  • On sequential and simultaneous paths, those who retain memory and those who don’t
  • Attempts to reclaim memories through spiritual means
  • Humans plus Hemi Sync exercises to access subconscious and body-mind levels
  • The role that Reptilian psychic teams played with Hitler and WW2, as told in part 2 of Terra Papers
  • World leaders, psychic teams and psychic protection for the leaders
  • Magic, hermetism and the occult in WW2
  • Dion Fortune, British mages, and the Battle of Britain
  • Mages from different parts of the world
  • Franz Bardon, his books and his works
  • On following one’s spiritual guidance
  • Some books on different spiritual paradigms (e.g. African, Buddhist, Daoist, Shamanic, Toltec, etc.)
  • On choices and on the nature of our individual vibrations
  • Some Kemetic source materials that have influenced Kwame on his path
  • The Kalachakratantra and the “rainbow body”

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