Kasskara, an epic Lemurian saga told by the Hopi people

Tawa, the Sun spirit of the Hopi People

Robert Morning Sky & Anton Parks

Anyone who is familiar with my books and other writings will be aware that I have been a fan of Apache-Hopi elder Robert Morning Sky and his work for about two decades now. Recently, that is, in the past few years, I have also become a fan of French writer Anton Parks and books. So, it should come as no surprise, that I would want to elaborate on a story that brings these two writers into the same context.

The story is Kasskara, or Lemuria. It is an amazing migration story told by Polar Bear, a Hopi elder, and that was only recently translated from German into English. This is a story that has been passed on from generation to generation by the Hopi people who maintain a history and a tradition of migration from the mother continent. The migration occurred as a result of war between Lemuria and Atlantis. Those who know about the remnants of Lemuria who currently live in the underground city of Telos will learn that the same story of war between these two super cultures is told.

Points of note in Kasskara and the Seven Worlds

There are several interesting points of note in the book Kasskara and the Seven Worlds (German version is Kasskara und die Sieben Welten), that I shall attach at the end of this article. I created the book for my own use, from Anton Park’s website, so the PDF looks like a downloaded website. Just beware of that.

The first point of note that I would like to highlight is the discussion surrounding the Kachina. Now, it is well known that among the Hopi, the Kachina are revered beings, like gods or guides. While reading this book, I couldn’t help thinking that the Kachina are the same group, or an affiliated group of the guardians. In Anton Parks’ works, the guardians are referred to as ‘the kadistu’. I got this strong sense that the guardians helped the Hopi and affiliated people to migrate from Kasskara, or Lemuria. The Kachina give me the feel of the being “RA” from the Law of One materials. This RA group is also a member of the guardian collective. I write about the guardians in my book The Guardians, Earth Humans, and Ascension.

The second point of note is the education system that was from Kasskara, or Lemuria. Really fascinating stuff. There was a four-level pyramid building used for learning. On the ground floor, schooling is about the history of the people. On the second floor, it is basically about science, and the natural world. It is also on the second floor that students learn to open and use their “third eye”. The third eye is a “psychic” eye, not a physical one. It is connected to the function of the pineal gland, which is inside the brain.

Those who graduate past the first two floors get to the third floor. Here, they learn about body, mind and spirit. Isn’t that interesting?!? Science was seen as education at a more rudimentary stage. At the third floor, students begin to learn universal laws and secrets from the point of view of spirituality. Finally, at the fourth floor, the students learn about the universe, about the cosmic, about creation and about divinity. Those who graduate through this school, to go through all four levels, can become masters and guides for the people.

The third point of note, is in relation to the second about education. If you read the Kasskara book, you will learn that those who reach the highest level become known as Naquala. They are advisors and benefactors. To these people, the Kachinas grant eternal life. These high ranking spiritually accomplished individuals need not die. The Kachina grant them immortality. You can read that to mean the guardians grant immortality, or ascension, to those initiates who achieve the high rank. Now, to me, Naquala is the same as Nagual. Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan, go figure! I always suspected that the root of Castaneda’s system was ultimately in Lemuria.

A fourth and final point of note (and there are many other points for those interested), is a possible connection between the knowledge stream that came to the Hopis from Lemuria, and the Kalachakra tantra of Asia, which I have strong reason to believe is also ultimately connected to Lemuria. That connection is too deep, and it goes beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say that other writers such as James Churchward who have written extensively about Lemuria talk about how “Mayas” migrated from the mother continent to the Americas. Other groups migrated to Asia and to Africa.

So, when the Ewe people of Ghana claim that they migrated to Africa from Lemuria, don’t think it so strange. There are accounts such as this Hopi one, that are just as fascinating as the one the Ewe people of Ghana have. The late Credo Mutwa believed that some Africans came to the African continent from another continent that is now sunken in the ocean. We need to keep our minds open to fantastic possibilities, in order to examine and learn the kind of knowledge that can break the bounds of mental entrapment by limiting beliefs. To me, “expanded reality” is much stranger and often much more interesting than “consensus reality” and its “official line”.

Download Kasskara and the Seven Worlds

And so with that, I will post Kasskara and the Seven Worlds [CLICK !] as it was on Anton Parks’ website. Enjoy the read!

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