Why the Jews call themselves “the Chosen People”

It occurred to me the other day that Jews are off-world Sirians (i.e., of the Sirius star system). Some Jews (Sephardic) have more Sirian and are similar to other off-world Sirians such as the Ancient Egyptians, some ancient peoples of Atlantis (some of whom are now known as the Imazighen, or ‘Berbers’), and some Ancient Kushites/Ethiopians. Also to some ancient peoples of the Inca empire, and certain descendants of Lemuria, which includes some Mongolian peoples and even certain Native American groups.

Other Jews have more Reptilian (Ashkenazi). Since we are in the sector of the galaxy controlled by Sirius (for the Orion Empire) the Ashkenazi Jews, some of whom belong to families with strong Sirian-Reptilian influence (like the Rothschilds, and certain other bloodlines that came out of the Roman empire) see themselves as the inheritors of the planet because of their familial relationships with the Sirian-Reptilians (the Annunaki of Sumerian lore).

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