Numenor as Atlantis – the truth and untruth of a TV series

I have just finished watching season one episode three of Amazon’s new series The Rings of Power, and have seen that once again, the lore by Tolkien as portrayed in the media mixes truth with non-truth. In this episode, we are finally shown the island nation of Numenor. Now, the island of Numenor in Tolkien’s work is really a representation of the island of Atlantis, that continent known to the priests of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and which was told to Solon, an Ancient Greek man who traveled to Sais, Kemet, to learn from the priests there. It is true that Numenor/Atlantis existed.

What is not true, however, is the manner in which the island is portrayed. In this Amazon TV series, Numenor is unveiled to look like an incredible extension of Ancient Europe. I refer to this in terms of the architecture. So of course, Numenor/Atlantis is shown as Ancient Europe (Greece/Rome). This part is not true. Although there were people we can call today Europeans in the real Atlantis, they were a minority. Much of Atlantis was actually peopled by a ‘red people’, not whites. Of those ‘red people’, perhaps the closest analogue or comparison we can make today are of the Amazigh/Imazighen people (i.e., Berbers), and those related to them, which would be some Native American groups, some Europeans (Celtic/Indo-European), as well as the ancient red-skinned (‘Ammonite’) peoples of Kemet and Kush/Nubia, and their descendants in various parts of Africa.

By the same token, Atlantis was not overflowing with white people, as shown in this Amazon TV series. This is simply not true. It is the same way that Tolkien’s elves, the true Eldar race of Earth, the historical ones of Lemuria, Polynesia, South America, and Africa, at least of the last 500,000 years, were not this overwhelmingly white race. They were red, and brown, and even in some cases, black.

If you would like to know what a real Atlantean looked like (the majority of them), have a look at this Imazighen queen below. This is the real deal. Queen Tin Hinan of the matrilineal Tuareg people. Direct descendants of the majority peoples of Atlantis:

Notice the three pyramid shapes around the queen’s neck, as well as the step pyramid directly below the three. One might notice that Akan chiefs and the king of Asante also wear the same.

I am not saying that there were no white people in Atlantis. There were white people there. In that era, there were white people in the world. They looked mostly like your Celtic, Persian, Indo-European types. There were also some blond haired (and even red haired) people there. But the majority of the people there in Atlantis were RED! And a lot of those people were lost with Atlantis’ final demise. Atlantis of yesteryear, especially in the final years, would in fact have looked not exactly but sort of like present-day Brazil, where much of the people are red and brown, with many Native Americans there too, as well as blacks and whites being the minorities.

As for the people in the Amazon TV show, the closest people so far to look like real Numenoreans/Atlanteans, are the characters who play Elendil’s family (i.e., Lloyd Owen as Elendil, Maxim Baldry as Isildor, and especially Ema Horvath as Eärien). These three individuals probably have Celtic background. Another individual to look fairly close to real Numenoreans/Atlanteans is the actress Cynthia Addai-Robbinson, who plays the character Queen Míriel, and who also happens to be of mixed race (part Ghanaian, part English). That is because her appearance is neither typical Caucasian nor typical black. There were few black (Africa style) people in the real Atlantis, but I would say that many that were there were followers of Enki/Ptah, and they set up the Asar-Aset-Heru bloodline that took over in Ancient Kemet from the Ammonites (the red skinned Ancient Egyptians) during the Old Kingdom time. They became the naga and Nommo bloodlines that I write about in my latest book.

Also, just like Ancient Egypt had pyramids (or, one might even claim that Ancient Kemet mimicked Atlantis), there were pyramids in Atlantis. The feature image of this article shows a pyramid type, from Kush/Nubia, that is an exact style (albeit a bit smaller) as those that were in Atlantis. About two decades ago, when I first projected my consciousness back to Atlantis to explore the times of that era, I was surprised to perceive pyramids there. It “didn’t add up” to me back then. At the time, I thought that pyramids were mainly a thing of Ancient Kemet. It was only later on that I got confirmation that Atlantis also had pyramids (they were part of the temple structures there). As we now well know, pyramids also appear in other parts of the world. They are a symbol of beings from the Sirius star system.

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