Avian-Reptilian imagery in Akan and other African art

I pointed out in The Akan, Other Africans and the Sirius Star System (sections 5 and 7.4) that there are both avian (Pleiadian-Sirian) and reptilian (Sirian-Reptilian) influences in Akan DNA make-up. This trend is not limited to only the Akan. Malidoma Somé’s Dagaara people who are members of the Gur peoples of Northern Ghana, Northern Togo, Northeastern Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso (see chapter 3 of The Guardians, Earth Humans and Ascension) also use bird and reptile imagery in their art. In the edition of his book Ritual: power, healing and community that I read, two images that continuously show up at the top of each page (one per page) are those of a bird and of a lizard/reptile, alternating page after page.

In fact, all African people seem to have reptilian imagery of one form or another. These come in the form of snakes, crocodiles and sometimes as lizards and turtles. Some of these creatures are sacred to certain African ethnic groups and so their energies and influences are accessed on a group level, through ritual. In Akan Adinkra symbology, there are glyphs of not only birds but also of crocodiles. There is also a glyph of a bird eating a snake, which is one that is also common with some groups from the Yucatan. The name of this glyph translates to “bird and snake”.

Note – These are but two examples of Akan art that depict Avian and reptile imagery

For the advanced, spiritually-oriented African who practices meditation and other spiritual techniques that involve the exploration of consciousness, it is possible to curtail or to remove certain reptilian influences from your make-up, if you choose to do so. I have practiced these methods myself, and I share them in chapter two of my book Dreaming Consciously The methods involve using shamanic techniques to remove the information from your DNA and from your energy field.

These influences are a result of genetic engineering done by the Sirian-Reptilians and their allies as they tinkered with the DNA of Earth humans. Not everyone has to remove such influences from their DNA. Others may choose to keep these reptilian aspects or may even choose to explore them,. It is all up to the individual and what they need to do or individually experience on their path.


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