Annunaki on Iraqi and Swiss banknotes

This article immediately caught my attention when I first saw it! It does not surprise me that the Annunaki are being associated with Iraqi Dinars. Iraq occupies parts of the sites of ancient Mesopotamia. Former US president George Bush’s “War on Terror” did not choose Iraq just because of the faux “weapons of mass destruction” scam to grab Iraqi oil but for (among other things) occupying the ancient land of the Annunaki to loot it (cultural and economic looting), for strategic purposes (as per designs of such schemes as “The Grand Chessboard” etc.) and to activate some Earth grid access points (dimensional portals aka. stargates etc.) for the Sirian-Reptilians.

Showing knowledge of extraterrestrial existence on the Swiss Franc should not come as a surprise either. Switzerland is central to the financial system, which itself was introduced to this planet by the Orion reptilians and their Sirian allies. A lot of Annunaki also currently live in, and operate out of Switzerland.

So there you have it. They are literally telling us how it is, whether we already know it or not.

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