The drive to replace spirituality with “necro” technology

I have just finished watching a short sci-fi series titled Altered Carbon, which is premised on the notion that in a future existence, human will live in high technology societies where human consciousness is reduced to a matrix of information stored on what they call a “stack”, which is more or less a digital storage device. These stacks, in this series, are fashioned as devices that are plugged into the spinal column, at the base of the neck. Kind of like where the connection was made at the neck for Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and the others entering into the matrix, in the matrix movies. The difference is that the stack is like a fancy digital storage device or computer disk that is a standalone and not connected to cables such as was the case in the matrix movies. Physical bodies in the series Altered Carbon are termed “sleeves”. Once a certain stack is fit into a sleeve, the person that interacts with the world is the personality that is stored in the stack, and not the physical body. So, it is similar to the idea of a spirit inhabiting a physical body being the actual personality of that individual.

And so, in place of spirits, there are stacks. In fact, there are no spirits in this series. Very little to no place for spirituality. This means that when people have their digital storage destroyed, they “die”. Death in this regard means that the personality of the individual can no longer be downloaded from a stack or from “cloud backups” (in the case of the very wealthy individuals in this series) into sleeves. And so, with such destruction, what is presented as the awareness or the consciousness of the individual becomes lost, upon physical destruction of the storage devices.

Reducing humanity to this level takes a kind of science I have written about in earlier essays that I refer to as “necro science”. Necro has to do with death and with that which is dead. In this case, it is the death of organic evolution and of the natural order, including spirituality, which brings life, to be replaced by artificiality on different levels. The lack of spirits in this shared vision of a future humanity is one position that is commonly held among those that are known as the “transhumanists”. To many transhumanists, man, woman, or humanity, is the ultimate authority in determining its own future, its existence and its continuity. There’s no such thing as spirit, or no space for it. This is a view in which the individual at the personality level sees itself as the end all or be all, not embracing a wider identity that would include a spiritual identity, a Higher Self and such. The personality essentially rebels against the natural order of spirit incarnating in matter, divorcing or denying its spiritual side, and choosing instead to rely on mind and intelligence in order to perpetuate. It is an example of mind getting completely misguided, out of control, and in turn taking over control of the personality. In the natural order of things, mind serves as a co-creative part of reality, ideally guided by the spiritual or Higher Self. Opting to deny the spiritual side is a choice that conscious minds can make, and it has its own consequences. Like denying the existence of life after death, choosing to deny the existence of ones Higher Selves and instead making mind and intelligence become THE ‘Higher Self’ does not make one’s Higher Selves disappear or does not negate their existence. It simply blocks or confounds the processes of involution and evolution of spirits from Higher Densities into matter. Those entities that make this choice will simply have to deal with the consequences of their choices at some point further on in their existence.

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