Maasai, Caananites and the Inca connection — Philip Ochieng

This article, written by Kenyan author Philip Ochieng,  was initially published on Ochieng draws parallels between the Maasai, the Canaanites, the Inca, the Dogon, the Wolof, the Bambara (Mande) and the Akan. In my view, what all these groups have in common, is their connection to Sirius.

Interestingly, Ochieng says that the Maasai are “people of the Maa speech”. i.e. Maa-saa-i. Here , you can see a link between the name ‘Maasai’, the root ‘saa’, and the Akan word ‘kasa’.  ‘Saa’ is a root word that is related to Sirian-Reptilian language. In the Mande languages, the word for snake is ‘Saa’ (Mandinka, Bambara etc). Funnily enough, it is also the name used by space beings to refer to the reptilians. (ARI-AN-SAA, or ‘Orion Saa’, according to Robert Morning Sky).

Another group that belongs to the Maa language group are the Samburu, also of Kenya. They are an African group related to the Maasai, and they belong to the Maa group of languages as well, although they speak Samburu. Now if you split that name into two, you will get SAA-MBURU. The first part of the name we can guess. “Saa” refers to a reptilian connection. The second part of the name is something I drew attention to in section 5.11 of the Akan Book “An Akan account of the creation of human beings”, referring to the root word “uru”, related to “Bosommuru”, to “mburu”, to “Nibiru” but also to Uru-K, and to Inana, the female reptilian python goddess.

The Samburu are featured in the 1984 movie “Sheena Queen of the Jungle”, where a young white girl whose parents die when an adventure in the jungle goes all wrong is trained by an African female shaman (initiate with guardian human knowledge) to call animals with thought and to learn the ways of spirit and of the jungle. Sheena becomes a female shaman, who then struggles with the Samburu to ward off aggressive incursion into Samburu land, against the westernized black king and his mechanical army and his white mercenaries.

The spiritual stuff shown in this movie is real, it is exactly what Credo Mutwa learnt from the Bantwana, an African-bird_race human hybrid group living in Africa (half African, half Avian, believe it or not! The Native Indian shaman Red Elk also claims to have met Bird-humans in his subterranean travels). The Bantwana female shaman taught Credo to use his mind to call a large python from the forest, and he did. Credo got scared, he ran off and was punished for not trusting in the training (see Bradford Keeney’s book on Credo Mutwa entitled “Vasamazulu Credo Mutwa: Zulu High Sanusi”).

In the movie “Sheena”, the African female shaman who trained Sheena is shown living with animals, being able to understand leopards which guard her and having high knowledge and spiritual power. The African female shaman wears a necklace with two circles. This necklace is also worn by Akan initiates of the ‘Nyame’ cult! In the movie, the Samburu guard a sacred cave (leading to a subterranean region). They live on a high energetically powered region where the soil has healing powers (ley line energetics). A Samburu priest tells the white doctor, “this land is sacred! What you have just seen has only been seen by the Samburu”. In real life, the real Samburu are found in a National park in the Rift valley, Samburu district, Kenya, where it borders Lake Turkana. Some of what this 1984 movie showed (aside from the love story etc.) reflects the real situation.

The key here is the link to the Sirian-Reptilian extraterrestrial personality that has been called EN-KI or EA/Hea by the Sumerian/Babylonians. Interesting fact is that the Maasai and the Samburu people call their creator-god Enkai!  “Maa” is one of the code words for the female reptilian personality. In Indaba my Children, Credo Mutwa calls the Maasai and the Tutsi, “Children of the Dragon”. There is also a connection between the name “Maa” and the Egyptian personality Maat (MAA-TT, this is the linguistic breakdown. See Robert Morning Sky’s Tchaama documents).


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