How to work on your light body to spiritually ascend

It seems there is so much going on here on planet Earth these days. Global society is in the throes of a pandemic that seems to have succeeded in bringing our lives to a standstill. Life as we knew it, has changed on planet Earth, and “business as usual” is anything but that. It is an intense time. However, even before covid-19, there had been a whole slew of strange weather anomalies, such as large swathes of Australia and California burning, and an overall increase in earthquake and volcanic activity of late. The climate is indeed changing, but would it be a stretch to your imagination if I were to suggest to you that the weather changes currently happening on planet Earth are not limited to our planet?

Climate change across the entire solar system

What if I were to tell you that planet Earth, along with other planets in the solar system appear to be going through massive climatic changes. So, not only have scientists observed a massive increase of volcanic activity and Earthquakes on Earth in recent times, and especially so since the 70’s and 80’s. Beyond planet Earth, scientists have also witnessed melting ice caps on planet Mars. Venus has experienced a massive increase in luminosity over the past few decades, and so have Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter, which has also experienced changes in the color composition of its clouds. Saturn too appears to be going through changes, with the equatorial region ejecting more X-rays over the past decades. Of course, the Sun, which is the center of our solar system and the center of all life here, has also been experiencing changes. Specifically, the magnetic field of the Sun has increased over the past century.

In other words, there seems to be systemic increases in activity across our solar system. A natural follow-up question in regard to these changes is, “so what?” Why is this important, and what can we make of all of this?

Well, this is where the title of this article comes into play. Stop to think for a moment, and ask yourself. If we could take for granted that the entire solar system is experiencing agitated conditions, then what could be a causative factor powerful enough to have broad spectrum impact across a star and many planets in a solar system. If you’ve not yet come across this kind of information, then the hypothesis I am about to field might surprise you. In a nutshell, it appears that our entire solar system has entered a region of the galaxy that has highly charged energy particles, that is, electrons, gamma rays and cosmic rays, that have permeated the solar system, and is agitating it.

Let’s take a step back to consider the movement of stellar objects in the galaxy. We know that Earth has an orbiting moon, and the Earth itself orbits the Sun. Well, what about the Sun? Does it orbit another stellar body? It would appear so. Some medieval people thought the Earth was stationary and some people today might think the Sun is stationary. However, as the Milky Way galaxy is turning around an axis, there are numerous stars in a sense orbiting the central galactic stars. Our Sun is one of those stars. As the Sun charts its path through the cosmos, it enters and exits different regions. It would appear that on this journey, our solar system has encountered a “high energy” zone.

Evidence that the “high energy” zone phenomenon is known

Now, allow me to get a bit esoteric and spiritual. Let’s step out of science and into the world of secrets and “Black projects”, and advanced technology. I first learned about this “high energy zone” when I read about a meeting by a group of mainstream scientists that were also part of a secret Hermetic Gnostic sect. This was back in the 90’s. This meeting was reported by Val Valerian of the Leading Edge Group, in his publication Matrix III Volume 2 — The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness. According to one particular scientist among the group, Dr. M, the phenomenon of the “high energy” zone has been known since at least 1954, and was confirmed in 1961. Information about this phenomenon was then made classified. For that reason, Dr. M was hesitant to discuss the details of the phenomenon, however, here is what he said about it:

When M31 Andromeda nebula and the M45 Pleaides cluster were first resolved, a very unusual phenomenon was observed in the Pleaides cluster. I won’t go into details, but a very unusual belt of radiation was theorised to exist around it. The observations and theoretical calculations indicated at this time an invisible radiation belt was of the order of high-energy Gamma rays. There was disagreement at the time, but when Einstein was cautiously approached to give his opinion, he not only agreed with our hypothesis, but he offered valuable suggestions for reinterpreting the data and reformulating new equations using relativistic corrections. By then we were absolutely positive of our findings, but then the implications were astounding. Professor XX decided to form a small panel, and invited Einstein as a consultant. He agreed, even though he realised we were going out on a limb proposing such an outlandish theory. But Einstein’s was a truly great mind, and open to “crazy” ideas like his own in 1905. So he helped us. Unfortunately, a few months later he died, so we lost our great consultant. However, by 1960 satellites were launched, and infrared and ultraviolet astronomy would allow us to see what was up to then impossible. So, in 1961, our hypothesis was verified, and when the radiation belt was discovered via satellite instrumentation, we celebrated and got royally drunk!” (pp. 648–649)

In essence, it seems that this “high energy” zone consists of a cloud of highly charged cosmic and gamma ray energy that is ionizing when it comes in contact with atmospheres and planetary bodies. Basically, these cosmic rays cut right through a solar system, colliding with molecules, atoms and particles, and releasing energy. It is these collisions that are increasing the energy and agitation of the solar system, not human orchestrated “climate change”. Dr. M claimed that apparently the British astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle was aware of this phenomenon but chose to communicate his knowledge through a fictionalized account, in the science fiction novel, The Black Cloud.

Anyway, fast forward to a few years ago. There has been a show on the Gaia channel called Cosmic Disclosure. This is a tell-all show, about the existence of extraterrestrials and advanced technologies hidden from humanity for decades, and about a secret space program that developed out of technology some private corporations got from certain ETs that made a pact with certain groups on this planet. I am being intentionally vague. If you are interested, you can check out the show. Just for the record, many people still doubt the existence of flesh and blood extraterrestrials (ETs). Some who have heard about ETs also choose to ridicule the subject. This is probably because there is no official or government position that openly admits to the existence of ETs. To my knowledge, no major world government, such as the Chinese, Russian or US government has made an open declaration of the existence of extraterrestrials. To make things more challenging, contemporary Earth human civilization appears to have been retarded by a small groups of powerful private corporations and associated government agencies that have worked hard to acquire and develop advanced technologies while at the same time taking pains to keep the technological advancement of the general surface Earth population slightly better than post-medieval.

Unfortunately, the more I look into this, the more it seems to be true, and there are all kinds of reasons why this is the case. However, back in 2001, Steven Greer organized a press conference in Washington DC as part of the Disclosure Project. A lot of high-level information was released by military witnesses from around the world. Since then, Steven Greer has released even more information (see Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History,and Unacknowledged). It is now common knowledge that most of the world’s most powerful governments are in league with one or another of the Space people and with non-surface Earth dwellers. The information is out there, if you care enough to find it. Meanwhile, indigenous people around the world (Africa, Americas, Australia as examples) have known about ancient and modern contact with ETs for a long time. But, that is not the main topic of this article.

I want to bring your attention to one of the things David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed on the show, in Season 1 Episode 5. The topic of “super waves” coming toward our solar system came up. According to Corey Goode, who was being interviewed as an insider, the secret programs run by governments have known about this “high energy” zone for a long time and have studied it at length.

“High energy” Zone aiding in planetary ascension

If you want to know about these things, there is surely a lot of information out there now about them. What I want to draw attention to is what I think is the effect of this “high energy” zone. Here, I will make a disclaimer that I am about to transition from science to spirituality. You have been warned. Ultimately, I hope for this information to reach spiritually oriented individuals.

So, apparently, the non-physical effects of this “high energy” zone are that the Sun and the planets in this solar system are getting an energy boost. By that, I take for granted the existence of “energy” and “spirit”, and the notion that planet Earth is not just a chunk of rock floating in space with an atmosphere, but that it is a “living” entity, that has “consciousness” and an “energy field” that sustains life in a natural way. Of course, you can also hollow out an asteroid and build a space base to sustain life artificially. That’s not what I am hinting at here. What I mean is that planet Earth is connected to the web of life that pervades the solar system and beyond, that consists of energetic portals and dimensional gateways modulating the flow of living information between and among living individuals, planets, moons, and stars that are “alive” that function as conduits of energy.

As the solar system enters this powerful “high energy” zone, the vibratory rates of planet Earth and of the other planets in this solar system have increased. Our planet is ascending in vibratory rate to a higher level of energy as a result of this boost. As the planet transitions from one energy level to the next, we shall witness more abnormal and extreme weather. The energies will also affect individuals differently. The secret groups on this planet are aware of this. The average lay person, in my opinion, is not aware of this.

Activating your light body to develop the potential to ascend

The spiritually oriented person already knows that they are a spirit being having a human experience on Earth. Perhaps you know this already. You may have had a mystical experience, or an out of body experience (the spiritual kind). You may already have worked with chi/qi or prana. Or you may have experienced powerful lucid dreams where you experienced your dream body flying or doing extraordinary things that you would otherwise not do while awake. I certainly have, and I have written an entire book on non-ordinary dream experiences. Your dream body is part of your light body. As planet Earth ascends into higher states of vibration while in this “high energy” zone, you can also choose to work on your light body to facilitate your own process of ascension. The main purpose of this article is to discuss some spiritual technologies available on planet Earth, some of which have been available for millennia. I believe that now is a great time to work on your energies and on your light body, to take advantage of the “high energy” zone our solar system is presently in, which has brought about energetic possibilities not present in this solar system for a long time. So, let’s get into discussing these spiritual technologies.

On Earth, we have had the light body spiritual technology for ascension for a very long time. The Lemurians had it. The Atlanteans and Ancient Egyptians had it. The Indians of the Vedas and after had it. The Chinese had it. The Ancient Mayans had it, and now it’s also available in the West. How can you build your light body? Well, I think you can do it in many different ways. One way is to use external alchemy. External alchemy could also refer to other physical substances put into and on the physical body to make body and energy more functional. Think nutrition, herbs, and such. It is a viable path, and many indigenous shamanic societies have advanced practices based on this.

Another way to go about fixing your physical and light bodies is to use “internal alchemy”. The universal principles applied are the same as in the external alchemy approach. The difference is in the ingredients. The internal alchemy approach is an energetic approach, therefore the ingredients used are energy ingredients. The “spiritual technology” for doing this — the principles and even the practices for it, have been around since Atlantean times at least. I know this, because I have done a study of this. If you read the final chapter of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, chapter 15 (Secret of Secrets), Thoth essentially tells you about inner alchemy…without all the concrete steps of course. Then you can find the same overall principles in yoga. You can find it among the Daoists, and also among Buddhists practicing generation and completion stage practices in Dzogchen and Mahamudra for instance. It’s not an easy path — the training can be difficult, but that training can yield very interesting results.

Depending on the direction you take your training, you can achieve different outcomes. What I have come to learn is that the light body is susceptible to impressions and programming. Like a computer, depending on how you program it, you can get different results. If you teach your light body a program that purifies it and raises its vibration, you will get one result. If you program it to build power, you can also achieve that outcome. The so-called ‘rainbow body’ is a form of ‘merkaba’ or light body vehicle that results after purifying physical and etheric/light bodies, raising your vibration and allowing activation to occur. With your rainbow body (has different names as well), you can ascend to subtler realms and worlds in full consciousness.

I hope these methodologies also become part of our global education at some point in the future. In a TV Sci-fi show Babylon 5, they had psychic school where psychics could get levels up to P12. According to Corey, the Secret Space Program also has a system like that. Such knowledge should be open to the public, so that as Earth humans, we can tap into our greatest psychic potentials in addition to our intellectual potentials. Everyone should get some ‘P’ training, just as we all get numeracy and literacy training in order to function well in society. Of course, there will be those more naturally predisposed to taking such studies further, just as in today’s society you have Bachelors, Master’s, PhDs etc in particular subject areas. Can you imagine what life on Earth could be like, if in addition to all the mental/intellectual training we get in our formal education, that we also had viable formal spiritual training, or at least the option of it, as a mainstream option? That would be fantastic.

So, how does one start training, especially without a teacher or a master? Well, we can do what we can, with what we have, to release karmic imprints, make our energies lighter and cleaner and help propel forward our consciousness. For a very straightforward approach that all can do without necessarily having an accomplished teacher to guide you through complex spiritual methodologies that lead to activation, I would recommend checking out the RA Material, The Law of One, Book 1, Session 5. RA proposes an amazing (to me) but very simple and yet super effective method, that boils down to 3 points: (a) work to achieve silence of mind, (b) accept self and forgive self, while balancing polarity, and © accept other and forgive other, while balancing polarity. My friends, this simple method is DEEP! I practice it. I will tell you, as someone who has practiced some very advanced inner alchemy and has approached completion stage practices, I have found that at the highest levels of spiritual cultivation, it boils down to these simple ideas RA shared. At the highest levels of the complex methodologies, you are basically just doing what RA suggested. You are basically cleaning up your light body and your physical body of thought forms and heavy energy, to make you lighter and vibrate higher, in preparation for ascension. So you can start with these higher levels by just going straight to RA’s teaching.

For those who cannot learn from a spiritual master at this time, another method which I have found interesting and useful as a way to work with light energies was given by Ashayana Deane in Voyagers 2, chapter 8 (entitled Current Events). There is a section of chapter 8 entitled DNA Initiations, Consumations and Activations (pp. 156–159). If you want to activate aspects of your “junk DNA”, then I would suggest to you that the ideas expressed in these few pages may help you. In these pages, you will learn how to use the faculty of visualization to edit and reprogram your experiences, past present and future. So basically, during meditation, with your faculty of active visualization, you can program past, present and future experiences. What is more — you can “clean out” your physical and etheric bodies by editing out and modifying any energies that are heavy or low vibration.

There is a second part of active visualization process that you need to do to raise your vibration. This second exercise also answers the question, “how do I start to work on transforming my physical body into a light body with no teacher?” Well, same book. Voyagers 2, The Secrets of Amenti. This time, check out the “Field techniques” section. Field Technique 1: Exercise to Release Crystalized Thought Patterns from the DNA and Cellular Memory Imprint (pp. 493–495). Field Technique 1 is the only one I have tried, and ‘triangulated’. It is a similar technique to what I have learned from Daoist masters in Asia, in their paradigms and practices. I have practiced versions of this technique for over a decade now and I share some of those ideas and experiences in the final chapter of my book The Guardians, Earth Humans, and Ascension. In there, I go into more detail regarding these advanced, inner alchemy exercises, and ancient spiritual traditions they have appeared in. Bear in mind that these are just two examples. There are many ways to achieve the goal. Be true to yourself. Find a light body training system that you resonate with. Make up your mind to do the training, do it, and then you will succeed.

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