Explore books that influenced my journey and writing

(January 2020) For two decades, I have been on a journey of discovery, to learn more about who I am not only as an Akan man born in modern times but also who I am as a spirit being. I have also learned much about why I chose to be born on Earth at this time. On this page, I share a few of the helpful books that I have read on my journey. I hope that one or more of these books might resonate with you or help you on your own journey as well

Specific to the Akan and other Africans



Pioneering work on the Akan people by a great leader who gave the country Ghana its name

Anthropological and etymological study of Akan origins, from Kaanan to Ghana

Account of connections between Akan people and the people who are written about in the bible

Credo Mutwa

Still my all-time favourite book on African folk tales, history, magic, and deep culture of Bantu people

More tales, stories and histories of different African people, as well as part of Credo’s medicine journey

Credo Mutwa shares more about his personal journey to becoming one of Africa’s greatest elders

Malidoma Somé Trilogy

Malidoma’s first book is an unbelievably great tale of magic and personal transformation

A calmer and in-depth treatment of the wisdom that undergirds the magic displayed in the first book

Ritual can be a powerful force for change in our lives. Malidoma shows us how to, in this book

The Robert Monroe Trilogy

The book that started it all. Here you will read about how Robert had to face a new reality

Incredible accounts of friendship, journeying to past and future, and souls incarnating on Earth

I cannot say enough about this book. Truly an ultimate journey to find self at the highest realms

The Vee Van Dam Trilogy

V. Van Dam is a high ranking initiate. This book is of a high order, but it is not well known

The Second book in the trilogy. It is also an interesting book to check out with good theory and methods

Starcraft is another “one of a kind” book, also not well known and underrated. Very interesting book

The Franz Bardon Trilogy

A serious, high ranking initiate wrote this book. This one is the key book in the trilogy to start with 

To use this book correctly, it will help to do the training in the first book. Real beings mentioned here

For those interested in learning to use the power of speech and of formulas to make things happen

Real Daoist Masters

Learn about Daoists and Daoism from Master Wang LiPing, a lineage holder who is alive today

If you have watched the Star Wars movies or seen the Dragon Ball anime, this real deal tale will vibe

One of those stories that defies belief, but that appears to have historical records backing it

Daoist "internal" alchemy

I can vouch for the fact that the methods in this book come from actual lineage teachings

I can also vouch for the fact that this book is also based on real Longmen lineage Daoist training

Another text that is based on teachings that derive from the “Complete Reality” Daoist school

Buddhist masters and teachings

This book is about the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha, compiled by a living master

After reading about Gautama Buddha, you can learn about the lives of 24 of his closest disciples

Learn about the life story of Milarepa, one of the greatest yogis of the Kagyu school of Tibet

Egyptian-Hermetic works

RA is a spirit entity that “channels” the teachings in this series. The teachings are of a high order 

After many years, this material that was among the first spiritual texts I read still fascinates me

The story about how this book came to be translated and available alone merits interest

Steven Greer

The truth has has been with us for over 20 years. Highly documented evidence from military officials

More documented evidence about extraterrestrial presence on Earth and about advanced technology

For a few decades now, there has been more than enough credible evidence in the public 

Ashayana Deane

Ashayana Deane’s material is quite unique in the sense that it covers all parties involved on Earth

More information about ETs and about the drama of the last million years than you can find elsewhere

Another book by Ashayana Deane that unpacks her paradigm. Goes well with the 2 Voyager books

Anton Parks - Chronicles of Girku Trilogy

The story of how the reptilians ended up in our solar system, after wars in the Pleiades 

The story of how human beings were created on Earth after a rebellion among the reptilians

The story of Heru (Horus) and his mother Aset, and their struggles with the Annunaki hierarchy

Some more books on out of body phenomena

This is the book I started with, so it has to feature in this list! I also took the course based on the book

Another good book that crossed my path. I took basic and advanced courses at the IAC

This book, is unique. You will learn much about the lower and mid astral from the stories of a spirit

Two special books

This is one of the coolest stories I read in years. Very spiritual medicine man, and very funny

I have read this story about the Real People several times over. It is one of my all time favourites