The Thunder Cats and the feline beings (the Jha) of Sirius

Other references:
The Akan sections 3.5, 4.2, 4.3, 6.1

In the 80’s a cartoon series was created featuring a bunch of humanoid feline beings who came to ‘3rd Earth’ from the planet Thundera. The group consists of a Lion, Tiger, Panther, Cheetah and other cat humanoids. Later in the series  other felines join the group. These feline beings, the Thunder Cats as they are called in the cartoon series, are based on the feline guardian entities who have been mentioned a number of times in the Akan work.

What is also interesting is that the name of the spiritual leader of the Thunder Cats is Jaga (or Jha-ga)! How interesting then, that we once again come across the name Dia/Jha in relation to the felines, this time in a cartoon. It has already been pointed out in the Akan book that in the Akan language ‘egya’ means ‘father’ but it also literally means ‘fire’. There is an intimate connection between fire, thunder and lightning.

As a funny aside after the star wars movie The Phantom Menace came out, a number of Caribbean blacks (some Rastafarians in particular) were offended because they thought that the funny nincompoop character Ja-Ja Binks was an affront to black people. Ja-Ja is portrayed in the movie as a clumsy fool who has been banished by his own people. He however has a dark complexion and physiological features looking like dreadlocks and he speaks in a creole-like way that points at least in some way to a reference to some blacks.

In any case back to the Thunder Cats. Thundera, their homeworld, is actually in the Sirius star system. The enemies of the feline beings from their homeworld are the mutants — a reptilian being (Slithe), a jackal being (Jackal-man), an ape being (Monkien) and a bird/vulture being (vulture-man). How interesting! The mutants can be seen as totems of the Sirian-Reptilian (Annunaki), in that respect Horus was not really a falcon, Anubis was not really a dog/Jackal, Bast was not really a lionness, Hathor was not really a cow and Thoth was not really an Ibis. But rather like the Akan (who incredibly have totems very similar to the ancient Egyptians) the animals associated with various Egyptian gods (ETs) indicated which totems (and subsequently which influences) could be ascribed to which Egyptian god.

Now for the fun part. When the Thunder Cats and the Mutants arrive here on ‘3rd Earth’ they meet the local evil bully, Mum-RA, the “ever living source of evil” as he refers to himself as.

There are a number of things to point out about Mum-RA. First of all, he lives in a black pyramid with four obelisks on each corner of the pyramid. This represents the 4 elements. The pyramids together with the obelisks clearly indicates Mum-RA’s connection with the Egyptian/Sirian current. The way he stays alive is to channel the energies of the planet
through his black pyramid into his sarcophagus. He is an energy vampire who refuses to die, what a sad way to gain physical immortality, from my perspective.

Another thing to point out about Mum-RA is that he is a blue humanoid. One of the family of humanoids from the Sirian guardian group is a blue humanoid. The point here is that even the guardian types can sometimes go astray when they abuse their power and knowledge. When Mum-RA transforms, he looks a bit like Panthro, one of the Thunder Cats. Beings like Mum-Ra have existed before in this galaxy. The way they learn to move on is to eventually give up their hold on power and knowledge, ending up on an Earth-like world where the Higher Self learns through successive incarnations to arrive at balance of spirit, and freedom.

Altogether the Thunder Cats series is a well made cartoon that clearly points to Sirian aspects. It is just sometimes amazing how much info can be found in cartoons and other forms of entertainment meant for children.


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