How to order the books locally

A number of individuals from around the world have been in touch about ordering books I wrote by going through a local bookstore or distributor. Although the three newer books I have published in 2022 are currently being distributed solely via Amazon in all formats, the four older books I published in 2020 can be ordered both through Amazon (all formats) and as paperbacks through local bookstores. This is true for the following four books:

+ The Akan, Other Africans, and the Sirius Star System

+ Out of Body into Life

+ Dreaming Consciously

+ The Guardians, Earth humans, and Ascension

In addition to Amazon, each of these four books at the time of publication in 2020 was also distributed through IngramSpark, a distributor that reaches over 40,000 retailers and libraries, including Amazon, Kobo, and Apple (at the time of writing this post). As such, chances are that the local book retailer or library in your country might be linked with the network that IngramSpark belongs to. This means that you may be able to order one of the four books above locally. In order to order any one of them locally, you would go into your local book store, ask for one of those four titles, have them check their database to find out if they can order it for you (if it is not already on the shelves). Then, once you order it, you simply wait for it to arrive, at which point the bookstore (or library) will get in touch with you. You can then pick it up locally once the book arrives.

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