Emblem of the English rebel Reptilian faction in London

London is the seat of one faction of reptilian power on this planet. This has already been pointed out in the past by a number of astute observers. The “City of London”, which is sometimes referred to as the “Corporation of London”, is a one square mile region of business and commerce which is at the heart of financial operations on this planet.

This article will discuss an emblem of the rebel reptilian faction. This emblem is of a winged reptilian holding a shield whose face is painted white, with a red cross spanning the length and width of the face of the shield. This red cross with the white background is known as “St George’s Cross”. On the 23rd of April each year, the UK celebrates St George’s day. Why is this particular reptilian faction referred to as the “rebel reptilian faction” and who is this “St George”? In order to obtain answers for these questions, one must look back in history to the time of a historical character called “George of Lydda/Lydia” who is well known in the story “St George and the Dragon”. In this story St George is meant to have killed the (reptilian) dragon.

The significance of this story is that the slayed dragon represents the original reptilian royalty of Europe, supported by the vatican. The templar knights who adopted the white shield with the red cross did so because after their order was destroyed by French monarch “Philip the Fair” they left France (their old base) and sought refuge on the British Isles. The French monarch rounded up and effectively destroyed the templar order on Friday the 13th of October, 1307. The last grand master of the templar order, Jacques de Molay, was burnt at the stake seven years later, in 1314. The templar order escaped first to Scotland and then to York and now they are firmly in charge of London (as of when this article was first written in 2010). What the templar shield, the shield of “St George” behind which a winged reptilian stands means is that the templar order have the support of the “rebel” reptilian overlords on the British isles. The templar influence survives in London. They are standing behind and holding the shield of “St George”, the one who slew the dragon (Drakon/Draco-n).

When you enter the “City of London”, that one square-mile block of finance, from whichever direction (north, south, east, west) you find these statues of winged reptilians holding the shield of St George. This is the emblem of the rebel reptilian group, those that rebelled against the main European (reptilian) royalty. Their rebellion had off-world implications as well. The rebels changed their allegiance from the main Orion queen (reptilian monarch) to the female reptilian power that has influence in this part of the galaxy. This latter female reptilian, is known as the “NinHarSag”, the ‘Lady of the Mountain’.

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