Brief review of documentary “Ancestral Voices”

In early of June 2011, I found the DVD below and decided to get it after seeing a promotion of the project done by the two project leaders on YouTube. I was not disappointed since I found the video informative. Also, one of my friends is interviewed on this video so it came as a surprise to see him since I was not previously aware of this project.

Viewers of this video will find interviews of spiritualists and intellectuals some of whom are also spiritualists. There is a focus on African (Akan, Gabon (Eboka), Yoruba), Caribbean and North-South American (Black) spiritual traditions including those in Brazil. There is some good information on the Yoruba tradition dealing with the various deities in this tradition. For the various interviews alone this video may be worth your while. I do recommend it, especially for those interested in African spiritual traditions.

The three individuals on the DVD cover are all from Ghana and they were all interviewed in the video. The first is a descendant of the great Okomfo Anokye and who is himself a medicine man (shaman). The second is a medicine woman (shaman) of the Ga people while the third is also an Okomfo, presumably of the Akan. For me, one of the highlights of the DVD was watching the interview of a possessed Okomfo where the nature spirit which had possessed the traditional priest was giving a nature spirit view of their role in creation and how they (or at least this particular spirit) view their role in interacting with humanity.

The directors of this documentary are Dalian Adofo (Akan/Ghanaian) and Verona Spence (Caribbean). The YouTube video below sheds some info on this documentary. It was the one I saw before getting the DVD.

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