The Advanced Spiritually-Oriented Individual in Modern Society


The scientific mindset encourages mind as a way to explore physicality, emotions, logic even spirituality. Mind is made supreme in Western culture. This is a trap. Mind is only one component of being. It does not have existence in and of itself but derives its existence from the Spirit. Freudian science took a very 'mental' approach to the investigation of emotions and desires. His work deeply influenced western psychology and psychiatry. Today psychoanalysis uses logical-rational thinking to disect the emotions in order to find answers. This is the opposite approach used by Indigenous societies, where the emotionally imbalanced are nurtured back to health through the support of community and the availability of other individuals. Perhaps the psychoanalytical method works for people in the west, if so that is well for them.

When it comes to emotional education, the Western Spiritually-Oriented individual can learn greatly from what Indigenous peoples have to offer, just as Indigenous people can learn from the Western mental mindset. Malidoma Some correctly stated that the Western world yearns for spirit, which is why there is a strong move among some of the people in the West towards Eastern and Indigenous spiritual systems. If you would like to know what this African Shaman is all about, you are encouraged to read his books (Of Water and the Spirit; Healing Wisdom of Africa) they are awesome. This is just as it is. Modern Western techno-societies emphasize 'mind and body'. Read logical-scientific mindset leading to satisfaction of sensation using the mind to produce goods and services. Spiritually-Oriented Indigenous human societies emphasized development of emotional and intuitive/psychic/spirital aspects of being. Malidoma Some's people are only one of many Indigenous groups that did this. Left brain, right brain. In truth both approaches can be beneficial to full integration, especially in today's world where there is a drive for all human societies to embrace the left-brain logical-rational mindset (certainly there are also right brain oriented people in the West but the overall orientation of Western society is to emphasize the left brain logical-rational mindset).

The Industrial revolution, fuelled by the Age of Science heralded the beginning of process thinking, with the aim to automate the production of goods. Economists like Adam Smith introduced the concepts of supply and demand. What happens when there is more supply and little demand? Create artificial demand. Enter advertising and PR specialists. The industrial revolution led to the rise of corporations and businesses that took over the lives of the common man in the provision of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and (later on) amenities such as electricity and water. Traditional artisans were either greatly marginalized or lost their place/role in society altogether. The predominant scientific mindset encouraged in Western societies during the Age of Science and later on during the industrial period led to the development of systems thinking (a derivation of process thinking) in business, politics and in social and cultural contexts. Today, think tanks such as RAND have become specialists at providing corporations and governments with the specs of systems thinking.

Nature too works around laws in a systematic fashion. The goal of science and later of industry has ever been to understand the workings of nature in order to manipulate nature for the purposes (read benefit) of man. The use of the mind is central in science. It may be said that pure scientific enquiry may seek only to understand the workings of the world around man. Here the mind is used in an attempt to understand everything, even the realms of enquiry better suited to the emotional or to spiritual approach. Manufacturing artificial goods made out of nature replaced natural versions provided by nature. The plastic basket replaced the bamboo basket. Nylon replaced cotton. Science takes man away from nature yet science is not good or evil in and of itself. It is the outcome of application of the mind, of thought and manifesting those thoughts in reality -- the goal of engineering. It is possible to apply science in an aid or as a form of control. There are today inventions that celebrate the marvel of the mind. There is also useful technology. However just as applications of science and technology in the West (and in the newly industrialized countries) reflect human desire, one can expect to see the darker side of technology used only for the purposes of control or monetary gain.

Modern Western society creates a system of hierarchy where the more scientifically and industrially-oriented nations are termed 1st world countries while the societies who have large amounts of their population still relying on nature's own system to provide them their needs are termed 3rd world countries. Expectations are created for countries termed 3rd world to become as those termed 1st world, while those termed 1st world have people in their populations who feel the need to help those termed 3rd world to move away from their way of life to become like those termed 1st world. Enter NGOs and aid agencies. A reward system is implemented that gives recognition to nations that move away from 3rd world status to 2nd or 1st world status.

The artificial system created by the science of this planet feeds on nature and can correctly be called Necro-Science. Necro-Science ultimately creates Necro-Societies. The science of this planet is influenced by the fact that the planet is within the realm of the dark sector of the galaxy. One word that aptly describes societies leaning strongly towards Necro-Science is artificial. The appropriateness of the word artificial is in the strong emphasis on production and manufacture of products into forms that are vastly different from what the natural system of the planet provides. Countries like Japan and South Korea that have strongly embraced the scientific and industrial minset/model and have in some respects even moved beyond European and North American nations are applauded because both countries have created female robots (Japan before Korea) that look in every way like real human beings and can even mimic emotions. They have also made great advances in genetic engineering. This is an example of where the words artificial and necro are most appropriate. Monsanto-produced GM food is another application of Necro-Science.

Necro-science is used to show movies where man and machine unite. Movies such as the Terminator trilogy, Transformers and the recent Ironman movie get rave reviews and very high ratings from Western viewers because of the portrayal of advanced technology giving humans advanced abilities such as super strenghth, enhanced vision and hearing, abilities which could otherwise be developed through spiritual means. You can check IMDB to see ratings and reviews for these movies. Even the uber popular movie The Matrix (and its sequels) is based on necro-science and a complex, convoluted philosophical paradigm. Technology is used to create alternative realities and to even give powers to humans and machines linked to this technology. Within a few hours of downloading from machine to brain (with the connecting link stuck right through the medulla oblongata into the brain, one can learn all there is to know about a subject. This is necro-science, man. "I know Kung-fu!". Yeah, sure. If you wonder why such movies get these high ratings it is because it's in the Western mentality (in general) to adore and admire science and the products of the mind (technology). Necro-science, man-machine unions, a path leading to a borg-like society.

The situation found in Necro-Societies is made even worse because extraterrestrial polarity powers, especially the dark side ones, introduce the leaders of society to schemes which subvert the second law of the universe by strongly encouraging systems thinking. Tacit approval of members of highly systematized Earth countries is solicited through the use of contracts and legal agreements. Individual liberties are eroded as new science is exploited to find ways to better manage the population. The word here is not so much manage but rather control. Indeed this is a predator-prey model, where the population is seen as the prey by business, political, law enforcement, educational and religious institutions. All of these want to get 'a piece of the action' from the population, at the expense of the population. Members of the population are encouraged, even inculcated to think along the lines of the predator-prey model and to be instruments of the controllers. Highly systematized societies encourage systems thinking and behaviour within certain acceptable modes, the aim of which is to make individual behaviour as predictable as possible. This is contrary to the Spirit.

Alternative science, alternative discoveries and alternative modes of thinking often reflect a closer reach to 'true science' and is often the result of individual inquiry into science. The products of such inquiries can sometimes rightly be called 'a celebration of mind'. Such science is often contrary to necro-science and as such is either looked down upon, discouraged, persecuted or downright made illegal by the control freaks and proponents of the necro-scientific paradigm.

Pre-modern societies were very much set in their ways. In these modern times the gates have been opened for much greater cross-cultural interaction to occur. This is seen in the appreciation of art, music, food and in the promotion of tourism in many countries. It is also seen in the appreciation of the spirituality of the various Earth peoples. In these times when there appears to be a great many experiential options, it is up to Spiritually-Oriented individual to decide on which choices if made will lead to possible experiences that are in line with one's path and will contribute to the fulfilment of that path. Personal power and expression of personal choice is paramount in these times. In most Western countries, one can choose what books to read, who one hangs out with, what food to eat, what kinds of clothes to wear, in short what to do with one's being.

So, if you like sushi, go for it. If you like classical music or heavy metal, go for it. If you like African drums, go for it. There is too much conformity, too much 'managed preferences' in modern society. In addition to managing employment, utilities, food shelter and water and almost every area of systematized societies, 'the-powers' also want to manage the expression of personal choice. Even demonstrations, carnivals and public parties are managed and controlled by strong law enforcement presence. Screw them. Not for the Spiritually-Oriented individual. Advertising agencies and PR spin doctors can go to hell. The advanced Spiritually-Oriented individual can navigate through modern society without their help. This is why personal responsibility and the expression of personal choice is paramount to the Spiritually-Oriented individual. It takes a certain level of maturity and courage to be brave and bold, to take up the responsibility for managing your incarnation as much as you can.

For the Spiritually-Oriented, the mind must ever be ally for development of Spirit. The challenge is to sharpen the link with Spirit, to promote greater awareness of the Higher Self using mind as one of the possible aids. The Matrix 5 Gold (M5G) series published by Val Valerian of the Leading Edge International Research Group is an excellent (probably the very best widely available) manual to unleash Spirit but reading it is only the beginning. Each Advanced Spiritually-Oriented individual must do the work that leads to realization of the individual's life purpose and incarnational design. Val Valerian's Matrix 3 books (especially volume 2) have exposed the public to some of the dangers of necro-science. The authors of the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (who correctly list the type1 cultures of this planet) show how indigenous dietary norms actually serve the body (especially the teeth) much better than processed foods made in western countries, resulting from systemic thinking.

The concept of a prime number comes to mind. A prime number is defined as a number that is divisible only by itself and the number 1. Some mathematicians are completely fascinated and obsessed with discovering new prime numbers because these are totally unique, otherwise indivisible numbers that form the building block of other numbers. For the purposes of the Advanced Spiritually-Oriented individual, the challenge is to become a 'Prime Individual', fully integrated within yourself, faithful to your individual path and accountable only to yourself, to your Higher Self. Unleash your Spirit in a totally individual way!

Each Advanced Spiritually-Oriented Earth human incarnate has a unique set of factors that include genetics, family setting, and possible life experiences that imprint memories in the physical, energetic, emotional and mental vehicles of the Spirit as the life of the human incarnation progresses. What all spiritually-oriented humans have is a Spirit, the connecting link to the Higher Self of the respective human incarnation. The Higher Self is mostly in the observer mode of perception during the life of the human incarnate, from birth to death. As the life of the Higher Self incarnated as an Earth human progresses, so do the development of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the incarnate. By returning to identifying with the observer mode of perception, the incarnate further sharpens the link with and awareness of their Higher Self while maintaining, managing and tuning the gifts developed by experiences in the physical, emotional and mental vehicles. Opening the heart strengthens the link with the Higher Self. Go within, and discover your true nature. Each Higher Self incarnate can find a way to unleash Spirit and to nurture natural incarnational gifts, which may include physical, mental as well as psychic gifts. Explore all the aspects of Self that you will to explore. Do not let anyone or anything hold you back.

In line with the challenge to develop Spirit, some Spiritually-Oriented Westerners (which includes those non-Western Earth humans with a de facto Western mindset) will have to resist being seduced by science and technology to the point of it being a hindrance to personal spiritual development. Science is a product of the mind, it reflects one mode of mind. The mind should always remain subordinate to the Spirit in the Spiritually-Oriented person. In this subordinate position, the mind acts as an ally and a possibly strong factor in aiding personal development, rather than as The Master. The Master is the Higher Self. A major possible factor which could deter personal spiritual progress in predominantly logical-rational societies is an over-emphasis on mind-stuff. I have seen this in my personal experience as I have lived in both Indigenous and Western societies as well as having travelled widely. Add to that the fact that true science is not really encouraged but rather suppressed, you have a situation where over-emphasizing the scientific mindset acts no longer as a possible ally to the Spiritually-Oriented individual but begins to enslave the Spirit. However, since each individual's path is different, it may be that it is primarily through the application of mental-logical skills that some individuals may find the way back to integrating with their total being. To each his/her own, in our mutual individual journeys. Sharpening the link to Spirit and to the awareness of the Higher Self can occur irrespective of technology. The Spirits of advanced Earth humans have inhabited the bodies of beings on technological (necro as well as not) extraterrestrial planets in previous worlds, they do not need to repeat those experiences on Earth.

Now is a great time to take advantage of interconnected society to possibly fast-track personal development. While the postal system, telecommunications and the internet still work it is possible to make great progress. It is also possible, through travel to visit different places and to meet other individuals. This may not always be the case in the near future. Free yourself as much as you can and fly to the ends of eternity and back. Or do as you will. All the best!