Lost Children of Babylon - The Equidivium Album
February 2010

One main reason why I am including this album here under the list of articles is that I like the artwork that comes on the album cover with falcon/hawk wings (see below). That's me getting powered up! (joke). I also found the lyrics interesting (this album will likely appeal primarily to Black people who have an interest in hiphop) although one must be weary of the rappers' fascination with the Neteru/Annunaki (extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system who interacted with Earth humans in Egypt, in Mesopotamia and elsewhere on the planet -- see The Akan book sections 5 and 6).

On track 3, the rappers ask, "will you be prepared when the Elohim return?" This is a question that has to be answered on a personal level. What are you going to do about it, on the personal level, if the controllers finally decide that it's time for the lies to end and it is up to Barack Obama to introduce the head Sirian-Reptilian extraterrestrial to the people of Earth (as it happened in the 80's version of the Miniseries 'V')?

Otherwise there are some fun lyrics about pythagoras' theorem, about the creation of the universe through light and sound (track: where light was created) and about other themes. As I said, this kind of music will appeal primarily to those who have an interest in hiphop music of this kind. Just make sure you don't fall for "the Neteru are going to be our saviours" kind of thing. Don't say I didn't warn you?! Enjoy.

Track list
1) Intro
2) Where Light was Created
3) Will you be prepared? (well, I for one will NOT be going with Osiris, no thank you!)
4) Egyptian Magic
5) Cosmic Consciousness
6) Gladiators
7) As we become one with the Sun
8) From the womb of Kuluwm
9) The Pythagorean Theorem
0) The Book of Black Light
1) The Mystic Triad
2) Heaven's Mirror
3) Stargate
4) The Seven Thunders
5) Giving Praise
6) Through the Eyes of an Embryo